Top 7 Gluten-free & Vegan eats in Sydney

Check out my Top 7 gluten-free and vegan places you HAVE to try when you are traveling in Sydney!

My Top 7 gluten-free & vegan eats in Sydney. Make sure to scribble these down in your journal for when you are ever traveling there!

Tip: If you are new to the gluten-free life make sure you always ask about the gluten-free options at restaurants, and when you place your order, always say you want it to be gluten-free. Some items on the menu have gluten-free symbols and sometimes they just mean there is a gluten-free option, so it is always safest (for your tummy) to just ask for the meal to be made gluten-free.

Golden Lotus (lunch, dinner)

Golden Lotus spread

We ate here about three times because it was so delicious. Golden Lotus has both fresh healthy dishes and the more indulgent style dishes. My favourite was the tofu coconut curry (bottom dish in the photo).

Soul Burger (lunch, dinner)

Soul Burger Spread

Ever since having to cut gluten out of my life, I have been craving a burger that wasn’t going to crumble into tiny pieces before my first bite – and Soul burger definitely satisfied that craving. Just be aware that Soul burger notes on their menu that they cannot guarantee a gluten-free environment, and I did feel slight gluten pains in my stomach after eating here, but luckily it was bearable and well worth it!

However, if you are really really sensitive to gluten, I would recommend you get a bun-less burger or maybe don’t eat here as there would most probably be some cross contamination happening.

Gathered (breakfast, lunch)


Gathered toast

Gathered is a beautiful little place to have breakfast or lunch (or brunch). They have a few gluten-free options and those waffles in the first pic were delish! If you are not gluten-free, they also do vegan croissants (which looked so yum).

Bodhi (lunch, early dinner)

Bodhi spread

Vegan Yum Cha! They have heaps of gluten-free options, just ask for the gluten-free menu and see for yourself. My personal favourite was the green-tea dumplings.

Earth to table (breakfast, lunch)

Earth to table spreadEarth to table BLT

You can relax here because everything on this menu is gluten-free and plant-based. A local told me that this was Sydney’s best raw-vegan restaurant. They have plenty of delicious raw vegan dishes, my personal favourite was the BLT sandwich. My boyfriend even said it was the best sandwich he had ever had.

Gigi’s Pizzeria (dinner)

Gigi’s Pizzeria

Unfortunately, Gigi’s don’t do gluten-free bases for their pizzas, but they do however do plenty of gluten-free antipasti dishes. Make sure to ask about their gluten-free options when you go as they sometimes have a gluten-free special which is not noted on the menu. I had the Parmigiana Di melanzane special, which was kind of like an eggplant parmigiana.  My personal favourite antipasti is their Crocchette di patate (a.k.a almond-crusted potatoes that taste like garlic bread) – you HAVE to get this when you go.

If you are traveling with gluten eating pals then they have got to check out Gigi’s, it is the best pizza place in Sydney, and all vegan.

Nutié Donuts (treats!)

Nutie Donuts

Nothing that some tasty gluten-free vegan donuts can’t fix. These were super sweet and super tasty. My personal favourites were the cookie monster and the blueberry flavoured donuts (top two in the photo above). I would recommend having them with a glass of plant-based mylk nearby – only so you can refresh your palate and eat more of course.

Let me know if you have tried any of these in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts.



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